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Benjamin Uysmith

(919) 765-9957

I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their financial goals. My clients value my commitment, open and honest communication and personalized recommendations supported by detailed analysis while leveraging proven strategies for tax and investing efficiency.

Through Equitable Advisors, Equitable's network, and our firm of nine at Prestige Financial Group, I have the resources and knowledge to help develop and execute an efficient and sound financial strategy tailored to each client. My role within the firm is providing detailed fee based financial analysis and consulting for small businesses, federal/state employees, individuals and families. A unique benefit of our team at Prestige Financial Group is that each of the nine advisors brings different areas of expertise and a network of other professionals and experts to help our clients.

The goals of our firm are not grandiose; they are simply to provide high quality ideas, analysis, proven strategies and service to clients. In order to be a client of ours, we require your help for us to meet your goals by providing timely, open and honest communication.

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